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Top Mini Anti Gps Tracking Jammer Signal in Delhi India llnzmwduPYwYPJksiGkc 20% discount.

  • Top Mini Anti Gps Tracking Jammer Signal in Delhi India llnzmwduPYwYPJksiGkc 20% discount

Product Features

Tiny GPS signal Jammer Blocker. It's designed for blocking GPS trackers which may be hidden in your car, truck, van, motorcycle, vehicle etc. A car gps jammer blocking GPS reception and prohibits all GPS-enabled devices from tracking your current location. It works on car cigar/cigarette lighter socket.


Working Band: L1 system 1500 to 1600Mhz
Compatible with Signal Jamming Power: 200mW
Coverage: 3-6 M
Power supply: 12V
Antenna Impedance: 50 w
Currency Supported: 200mA
Dimension: 20x105x35mm (LxWxD)
After sales service: 1 year warranty

Additional Information

Gps 1500 Mhz 1600 Mhz
Free shipping,Anti Tracking GPS Jammer / Disrupter, GPS Jammer For Car With 3 To 6
Meters Coverage, GT-J005
This Signal Jammer can use in Worldwide!
Isolating Signal Bandwidths: (1) GPS: 1500mhz-1600mhz
Original quality Jammer!!

Package Contents

1 x Signal Jammer
1 x User Manual

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