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Product Description

** Note: This unit is being replaced with the updated TSJ-HP3060 **

Second only in popularity to our TSJ-210W , the TSJ-62W is an ideal choice for smaller prisons and detention centers, as well as learning institutions.  This is a very powerful unit which is well suited for indoor / outdoor use. 

Provides 62W of total power over 5 channels.

Designed for prison and detention center applications, but also a favorite for academic testing centers and issuance of standardized tests. 

Designed to prevent abuse and sabotage.

Integrated circuit protection to prevent damage in the event of antenna short circuiting or disconnection.

Antennas External Omnidirectional - Included.

Waterproof Cover for Outdoor use - Included.

Adjustable RF Power output level for each individual channel. 

Automatic power switching power supply: 50 / 60 Hz / AC 100 ~ 240V 

Range: up to 150 meters [where local signal strength is <or=-75dBm]. 

Safety regulation: AC Adapter UL ( E190582 ), CSA ( LR112971 Level 3 )


  • CDMA800 range: 15WATT
  • GSM900 range: 16WATT
  • GSM1800 range: 11WATT 
  • GSM1900 range: 10WATT
  • 3G range: 10WATT

*Custom tuning available

Range: Up to 150 meters depending upon area signal strength

See more in our Prison Jammer Category .

* Does not qualify for free shipping


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