Online store 8 Band 4G Signal Jammer PRO with Cell and GPS Coverage kPlfhcrte for hidden.

  • Online store 8 Band 4G Signal Jammer PRO with Cell and GPS Coverage kPlfhcrte for hidden

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Product Description

Provide secure area coverage and prevent both cell phone and GPS use with our highest powered handheld.  This model features a built in fan to keep the unit cool during extended periods of use, as well as switch selectable settings so you can choose which channels to block.

Create a protected zone around you, your vehicle, or your meeting, by blocking cellular and / or gps signals.

The charging light turns from red (while charging) to green (full charge reached) for a quick visual display of charging status.

Individual channel on/off selector switches allow you to choose which channels are blocked, and a LED display confirms your choices.


700-800 MHz (4G)

850-965 MHz (GSM)

1800-1990 MHz (PCS)

2100-2170 MHz (3G)

2400-2500 MHz

2500-2700 MHz



Total Power Output 8W.

Custom tuning available upon request. 

This powerful cellphone jammer unit can provide you with an extra layer of L1 and L2 GPS blocker security when operating in danger zones.


The Signal Jammer Service

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